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I will repost, share, like and post your posts for more engagement.

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I will be responsible for illuminating your brand's services. Every time you post something with an engagement attachment I personally will be working with my team to share, repost and post your posts for more engagement and brand awareness.

About the influencer

Thabiso Ndlovu

Thabiso Ndlovu

4K Reach

Junior Ndlovu is a well-determined millennial with a lot of ambition.


Information Technologies,

Professional Videographer/Photographer,

Sound Engineer,


I have attained a well-established fan base through my musical journey, with appearances in multiple concerts/events.  I do consider myself influential, which is why being approached by, Intellifluence is one of my brightest highlights of 2021.  My music is played repeatedly in over 6 Provinces/States in my country. Sharing stages with huge headliners have given me a steady advantage over accumulating numbers when it comes to sales.

I have 3000 followers on Instagram, 8000 Downloads on my EP, 5 Music Videos (And counting) to date to name a few of my earnings in the entertainment industry.  Worked with Record Labels such as Jemi Talent from Europe, been posted on several international pages and blogs online such as

‘Leave links’

Collaboration with brands is my go-to strategy to assist in increasing brand awareness and also establishing my own brand in other ventures and communities, I firmly believe in stretching your horizon to new places in order to rapidly grow regardless of the country, you never know where your riches lie.  Opportunities are my strength because they encourage me to seek new beginnings and conquer obstacles.  I commence and finish every project I come across because I want to leave a pure-bred legacy and soaring footsteps.

Working in the US was a great experience I got to connect with various mindsets and reach a new market share that I never thought existed which is how I became so enthusiastically privileged to attain such knowledgeable assets to kick start my career.


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