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I will create relatable content & influence sales

1 Video Review on Instagram

Account #1 (7K Reach)

Add-on Services

+ $20
I'll share the Instagram post with all my email subscribers.
Add Story
+ $25
I'll add an Instagram story to accompany a grid post.
Extra long review
+ $25
I'll do a Instagram video review in excess of 5min
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About this offer

My goal as an influencer is to curate high-quality content that showcases your clothing items in an artistic and relatable manner. I am confident that my creative approach and attention to detail would complement the brand aesthetics of [Clothing Brand/Boutique Name].

In terms of collaboration details, I propose the following arrangement:

1. **Content Creation Compensation:**
- $30 for each Instagram Reel or TikTok creation featuring [Clothing Brand/Boutique] products.
- $20 for a set of four beautifully curated photos showcasing the clothing items.
- $10 for a review post sharing my authentic experience with [Clothing Brand/Boutique lol] products.

About the influencer

Michelle Bland

Michelle Bland

7K Reach
Fashion Enthusiast | Lifestyle Curator | Content Creator

Hey there! I’m MB, your go-to fashion and lifestyle influencer with a passion for all things chic and stylish. Armed with an eye for trends and an innate ability to curate impeccable looks, I’m here to inspire and elevate your fashion game.

From runway-inspired outfits to everyday elegance, I’m dedicated to bringing you the latest in fashion and lifestyle. My feed is a blend of creativity and sophistication, perfect for those seeking to add a touch of glamour to their lives.

With a knack for storytelling through visuals, I love collaborating with brands that share my commitment to quality and aesthetics. Let’s join forces to create captivating content that resonates with style-conscious audiences.

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