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I will review your video

1 Video Review on Facebook

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I'll share the Facebook post with all my email subscribers.
Add Story
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I'll add a Facebook story to accompany a standard post.
Extra long review
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I'll do a Facebook video review in excess of 5min.
Custom graphics
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I'll include custom graphics on the Facebook video.
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Graphic Designer & Video Editor


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Leeanne Roose

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Leeanne Roose was born in Eastpointe, Michigan and moved to Tennessee when she was only 6 years old. She attended IAP Career College where she received a certification in Professional Organizing. Leeanne bartended at a local hub for 5 years. When she became unemployed from her bartending employer, Leeanne had to provide for her family so she started a business in 2019 called Clutter & Khaos Organizing. The business wasn't doing well and she had a little boy to care for so she decided to add more services and change the business name to Khaos Cleaning Solutions. The service list grew when she changed the name. She started to offer Cleaning Services as well as Professional Organizing with a Certified Professional Organizer, Pressure Washing, Electrostatic Spraying, Heating & Air HVAC Services, and Holiday Solutions. After the service list grew, her business started growing too. Her phone started ringing. "Finally, some customers to show my skill!" she thought. She quickly realized the hard work that goes into owning your own business. She needed to relieve some of the stress so she started flirting with graphic design. Now, she is Graphic Designer, Video Editor, and more. People who saw her work would tell her how much they liked it. She couldn't believe it!


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