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I will engage with brand posts

1 Social Engagement on Facebook

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About this offer

I can actively engage to any of the brands existing post that follows the caption of the [link-omitted] engager only comment what they what but I engage based on what the post want.

About the influencer

Cornel Julie Ann

Cornel Julie Ann

10K Reach

As a first time mom,it is still hard for me to adjust on the changes happening between me and my [link-omitted]iness is there,and so is [link-omitted] was hard for me to find ways to help my family while looking after my daughter and finishing my college degree until I found my self in the midst of mommy communities,creating content and sharing my thoughts to spread information that can help them wether it is about parenting or about brands that they maybe haven't tried.

I am really thankful that there is an app and communities that reach out to small influencers like me and have an easy collaboration with top brands. It really helps me not only financially but also my self esteem. If before you would not even see me dancing in front of camera,now I can even act just to ellaborate and make my video more effective and have impact.

Everyday I am learning how to be a good content creator. I may not be now but I can see improvement on my works everyday. Thank you Intellifluence because you are letting someone like me to built my profile as content creator.


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