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I will create quality promotion for your brand!

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I will create original content promoting your brand within 1-2 business days of our agreement! My target audience are mothers within the ages of 16-40. With such a wide age range, I can align with the goals of many brands and adjust to reach YOUR unique needs! Please reach out so we can further discuss.

About the influencer

Nathania Raye

Nathania Raye

4K Reach

Hello! My name is Nathania Raye and I am a toddler mama living in NYC! I am a content creator on Tiktok, Instagram, and on my personal blog. I create relatable content for moms and help my audience create profitable blogs. I also work as a virtual assistant for business owners and influencers, so I refer them to many products as well. You can always reach me at [link-omitted]


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