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About this offer

I will engage with your post on Facebook and leave a comment/like or share on whichever post you would like that done on

About the influencer

Hailey Harris

Hailey Harris

63K Reach

I am a 30 year old Social Media Influencer & Video Creator from Sweet Home Alabama that loves spending time with her 2 kiddos & fur babies. My hobbies are photography, crafts, beauty routines, fitness, hunting and being outdoors. I enjoy making people laugh and smile it’s probably one of my best qualities. I am a big supporter on body/mind empowering. Everyone should feel great about themselves and if I can do anything to make that easier for them I will. I love doing product reviews and I will give my most honest review of your product in my own creative way but I promise to do all that I can to support your company and get the word out about the product I am reviewing. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me. [link-omitted]


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