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I will review your business, product, or your brand on my education site.

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About this offer

My site, Pendidikanpedia, has more than 10.000 daily targeted users with last month reach 220.000 users with 90% organic search. I will promote your business, product, or your brand with soft selling and max two dofollow link.

Pendidikanpedia is school material sharing website, so it's best for education or study-related brand.

About the influencer

Muhammad Anas

Muhammad Anas

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Hi! I am Muhammad Anas.

I am founder of [link-omitted], which is sharing school-material site. I have built Pendidikanpedia from April 2019 and now the site has more than 10.000 visitors per day with last month visitors reach 250.000+.

I am interested in marketing digital world such as SEO. Currently I am focusing on building my website and another personal project with my team with I have the role as SEO specialist, as well as continue learning SEO.

I am also passionate about technology and gadget.

Hope we can work together well and nice to meet you!


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