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I will review hotel or destination

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About this offer

I always review hotels whether it's the one I've stayed at or a client's request.
Apart from that, I will also review tourist attractions based on experience

About the influencer

Tri Suci Agus Susanti

Tri Suci Agus Susanti

6K Reach

Haloo, Iam a single mom of two. Iam an employee from Sunday to Friday, but become an independent woman who love travel during weekend or in a holiday by myself or my kids, friends or with my family. I Love nature than beach but better beach than mall :D Like to eat a traditional food Like nature, culture, history and customs. Camping, exploring nature, water and forest and mountain are my interest. So, feel free to take me on an adventure :)

As a single parent, i try to become a lovely mom by caring my two kids. They are already teenagers so, I should be able to be their friend. Being a mother and father at the same time is not easy but t try my best. 

Writing is my way to kill boredom, pouring ideas, saving memory and looking for extra money. Whether it's personal experience, review, poetry and the contents of the heart are all writing on the blog.

Hope i can do all my offers as well. Well cooperate with all clients 

I hope my offers are always accepted and I will do everything as best as I can. We hope that the cooperation will continue well for a long time and produce something good too.


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