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I will Promote your brands .

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About this offer

To reach new existing audience daily until the product is sell. To post vedios on all social media platforms. To pro8your product with honor and integrity. I love promoting other brands it gives me a great opportunity to provide to one's that am capable to carry out the task.

About the influencer

Tonquekeia Lafleur-major

Tonquekeia Lafleur-major

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My name is Tonquekiea Lafleur-major I grew up on a Island in Nassau - Bahamas with my family a full house. As a kid my grandfather taught me the importance of life to be thankful humble and to love God. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a singer my dad would prepare a stage for me and everyday I would sing.
As I got older I worked on the land I lived on,  I was searching for opportunities to be better . I worked at a few jobs being a cashier, sales person and spent a lot of my years doing a security work still present there. I have given the opportunity to try out for a bahamian idol show I placed second in the first  round, but didn't made it to the finalists. I have auditions  for the battle of Atlantis I wasn't successful. 
I decided to put my singing career on hold and started a family and marriage  I never quit the thought of my dreams. But I was focusing on building my family life, and continue to work. Deep inside I was not happy with my career choice I wasn't living my true purpose. I had experience a lot of closed doors I decided to create my yeses.
In 2017 I started to pick back up on writing a started to search for recording studio I was successful in finding one and was able to record a a few songs. 
In 2020 I created a YouTube channel to put my talent and growth out there to the world. I know that this would be a great opportunity. This platform have opened doors for me I look forward for many more. 
MY Mission 
To be the best version of myself always improving, striving, dedicated and mastering my mindset to win as an Singing artist. 

I look forward for great opportunities this world have to offer. I want to increase engagement and getting more traffic and to increase brand awareness as an influencer. 


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