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I will Showcase, Review and Love Your Product!

1 Video Review on Twitch

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About this offer

I do live content creating, I create a video going over your product and then after I will upload on all my social media

About the influencer

Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks

111K Reach

Greetings, everyone. I am Sam, a dedicated content creator with 15+ years of experience in marketing and advertising. Over several years, I have covered nearly 5000 videos, honing my skills and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of successful content creation. 

My partnership with a seasoned marketing and advertising team, boasting 35 years of industry experience, sets me apart from others. Along with this remarkable team, I have the privilege of being related to one partner, allowing me to seamlessly incorporate our family's knowledge into my content creation process. Between us, we have established over 100 sponsors and collaborators, forming a vast network of connections and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships. 

One of our major supports lies because we are good at visually engaging content. Our team masters artful creating of slides and panels for both passive and direct advertising, ensuring that brand messages delivered reach their target audience effectively. Our expertise can help elevate your brand's presence, attracting viewers and leading to meaningful engagement and results. 

Representing your brand requires me to uphold the very highest level of professionalism. I deeply understand the essence of keeping strong brand images and promise to deliver regular high-quality content with flying colors that stick with your desired value positions and objectives. Like few others, I never settle for mediocrity but relentlessly work to evolve better ways of doing things so that every collaboration boosts the expectations. 

As a collaborator or potential sponsor, it’s safe to say that you get a dedicated partner ready to give his full concentration onto your specific project. I will also provide my best efforts to create impactful campaigns that appeal to audiences and drive your brand forward.

Thank you for considering me as a collaborator or potential sponsor. I look forward to cooperating for your success and creating a long-lasting relationship.

Sam Brooks


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