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I will advertising & any other service which is expected from me as a brand.

1 Social Engagement on Instagram

Account #1 (1K Reach)

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+ $50
I'll share the Instagram post with all my email subscribers.
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+ $20
I'll reply to my Instagram comment thread mentions for 2 days.
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About this offer

Working in fashion allows me to meet so many people, all with different backgrounds, experiences and stories.I can learn a lot from the people around me in the fashion industry, and the people I will meet at the early stages of my career may very well play a key part in your development further down the line.I'm a person who enjoys a challenge, or requires a certain amount of pressure in order for my performance to excel, the fashion industry provides the ideal environment for me to thrive. With trends rotating and fading in and out of fashion, the industry is ever changing, and as a part of that industry I will always need to be prepared for that constant change.

About the influencer

Kgalalelo Ntshwagong

Kgalalelo Ntshwagong

1K Reach
Often described as happy, positive, cheerful, and sociable. Im not as likely to dwell on problems or ponder difficulties. While I experience difficulties and troubles like anyone else, as an extrovert I'm often more able to let it roll off their backs.

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