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I will review & promote your product

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I'll share the blog post on my social accounts.
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About this offer

I will review and promote your product on my blog. I write all posts myself and will write at least 400 words plus add photos. I take all photos by myself or my husband does when I am in them. All photos are taken with a Canon 80D.
My blog has been a lifestyle blog since 2010. My followers know my love for beauty and fashion products as well as my passion for reading.
I am expecting my first baby in early February 2022. My readers therefore also expect some baby content and I am, of course, excited to share my experience with them.

About the influencer

Jana Groh

Jana Groh

2K Reach

I am Jana, a German in the City (NYC). I live here together with my husband, two cats and our first baby (born in February 2022).

I started blogging on my lifestyle blog [link-omitted] in 2010 after I had moved from Germany to Istanbul. In 2015 I moved to the U.S. My main interests are traveling, reading, beauty and fashion, as well as cooking. My shoe collection is vast and my closet giant. On [link-omitted], particularly in the stories, I show more of my everyday life with our two cats and how to navigate as a foreigner in Manhattan (it's usually amazing!.)


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