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I will Services for reviewing products on my social media with Indonesian

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About this offer

Hello, I'm Fenni, a content creator from Indonesia. I will review products on social media using Indonesian, because my followers are from Indonesia. Hope we can work together

About the influencer

Fenni Bungsu

Fenni Bungsu

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Hi, I'm Fenni Bungsu.

This blue lover likes to write on the [link-omitted] blog with themes such as lifestyle, sport, health, beauty, music, film, education, business or finance and so on.

Making blogs as a medium for writing, allows me to share useful information and experiences for anyone. Because writing on a blog, in addition to being able to channel the hobby of writing, to string words can be in large quantities. so that it can flow in the story.

My blogs readers lives in Indonesia, and I write on the blog in bahasa (Indonesia)

Alright, I hope we can work together. Keep yourself and your family healthy. Thank you. 


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