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I will write halal food product review

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Extra long review
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About this offer

Any halal food/drink, I will write reviews in 300-500 words in [link-omitted]. This offer include photos and social media shares.

About the influencer

Mila Kresnawuri

Mila Kresnawuri

6K Reach


My name is Mila. I am a blogger, Indonesia based. I have a  food blog Kuliner Asyik and a lifestyle blog Cemil which have average 7.000 - 15.000 visitor per month. 

I have many experiences in writing product/app review, book/film review, and data based articles with SEO provided. 

My achievement:

  • Page one Google for keyword: kuliner asyik, dokter THT di Jakarta,  and others

  • 3rd Winner of Mindtera Blog Competition

  • Book writer of Semeleh, The Journey of Self Love, Gratitude and Acceptence

I hope we can collaborate. 


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