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About this offer

Hi! My blog receives about 120k pageviews a month, with most of the readership coming from the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

As someone well-versed in SEO and blog writing with a specialization in beauty, lifestyles, and wellness, my posts reflect a unique voice.

Here's what you get in the post:
- 1 do-follow link
- Fully researched
- SEO friendly and focused on one goal
- 100% original, clear and concise
- Written in a friendly tone
- Minimum 800 words of content
- Not marked as sponsored/paid for

Looking forward to working with you!

About the influencer

Mariyam Abid

Mariyam Abid

12K Reach

Hey there! It's Mariyam.

I'm a beauty blogger who loves to share what I know about skincare, makeup, fashion and lifestyle.

The Beautyholic is a modern beauty blog that discusses skincare, haircare, makeup, lifestyle and occasionally, fashion.

You will find here beauty recipes that require natural ingredients so you can get gorgeous skin without spending much.

We celebrate women of all sizes and nationalities.

Our mission is to educate women to be the prettiest versions of themselves while embracing their natural beauty.


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