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I will review any product that related in my interested.

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About this offer

Hello, here I can help you to review your product/something else related, spam like in your social media accounts, repost something that you've may need to gain more review, post positive comments in your product/project, make a better copywriting comments, and I'll share your product/project in another my social media to gain views and awareness. I pleasure to share it with my friends on Facebook and another social media.

please looking forward to my job, thank you

About the influencer

Citra Salsabilla Putri

Citra Salsabilla Putri

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Hello, I'm Citra, I'm currently a final year student at the University of Indonesia. My major is Business Administration with a GPA of 3.65. I like reading, traveling, and I am interested in the business world. I have been active in various organizational activities since I entered the world of lectures in 2018. I like interacting with people because I can practice my interpersonal skills. I am also active in participating in various Midel United Nations activities since 2019 because I really like learning English. I like to organize my daily activities in detail. I believe that every moment should be used as well as possible. I hope friends here can give me the opportunity to do a project, so I can prove myself, thank you good people.


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