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I will post, create an engaging caption by myself or use a caption text shared by you and positively engage the client feedback for your products or services based on it's quality, features, and benefits to the last mile consumer.
This will attract more attention to the post viewers who would be interested to try it out.

About the influencer

Enock Mokaya

Enock Mokaya

125K Reach

I am a Digital Media Savvy with 4+ years experience in the digital content creation and marketing industry. In my capacity i have gained publicity through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. As a Digital Savvy, i have always been responsible for developing and executing influencer campaigns to reach the desired target audience.

I have been responsible for creating content with the help of social media management tools for different brands and startups. 

My secret for successful execution has been conveying the indulgence and authenticity of my partners and brands i have worked with.

In my digital creation journey I have maintained a friendly relationship with my viewers as well as my and the clients' audiences. 

I am glad i posses amazing editing skills and phenomenal writing skills. In addition to this, i also do engage with any audience in an effective manner. Of course that comes with a decent years of experience as an Influencer thus far.

That's who i am.


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