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I will actively promote a product on healthcare, or fitness product

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I'll share the Instagram post to my non-Instagram accounts.
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About this offer

I already use my instagram to give fitness advice and supplement advice to people, I am a fitness freak, I post fitness videos and story on specific time intervals which always convert viewers and bring them in my inbox. therefore, this is what every brand wants right to convert audience into customers.

About the influencer

Jwala Dubey

Jwala Dubey

897 Reach

I am a striving entrepreneur, Worked on a bunch of projects from food nutrition (farming) to automotive service delivery, I also have two Youtube channels, first is about books, self-help, and articulate my wisdom in my native language to the people of my country, which helps them comprehend typical topics and promote overall well-being. The second channel is all about providing information in the native language about crypto projects, IDOs, ICOs, Financial Securities and Newly launched or Popular Coins or tokens from the crypto industry. Other than this I am a fitness freak, working out for more than 2 years now, and locally helping people of my network to achieve their personal fitness goals.


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