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Offer Details

I will engage your brand on TikTok

1 Social Engagement on TikTok

Account #1 (1K Reach)

Add-on Services

+ $50
I'll share the TikTok post with all of my email subscribers.
In-depth engagement
+ $15
An in-depth TikTok comment will exceed 100 words.
Repeat Engagement
+ $20
I'll reply to my TikTok comment thread mentions for 2 days.
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About this offer

I will leave positive engaging content on TikTok that will entice consumers to try your brand out. I'll also suggest my network of followers to like your page and follow your social media accounts.

About the influencer

Devin Price

Devin Price

2K Reach

I can make anything viral on command or expand your brand extremely fast. I work with a wide range of clientele from entertainers to everyday parents, to corporate moguls. I have a special ability to bring exposure and brand awareness to content in a fun and educational way that is refreshing. I am fair with my pricing but firm because I focus on quality detailed services. Social media is my first true love in the marketing field but but I know how to target specific markets with Metadata and search engine optimization. I specialize in results that are highly detailed, top shelf quality resolution of video, audio, and digital formats. I do live product reviews and product placement with your brand in my stream. I also work with other Influencers that are meta verified, YouTuber certified, TikTok verified, and monetized on all social media platforms. I put the content that I do for my clients in my normally ran Paid Ad Campaigns FREE OF CHARGE.


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