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I will amplify and write extra long review on twitter.

1 Social Review on Twitter

Account #1 (20K Reach)

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+ $25
I'll share the Tweet post to my non-Twitter accounts.
Extra long review
+ $50
The Twitter social review will be in thread format over 3 tweets long.
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About this offer

I have good experience of being a social media influencer and have great skills of writing article information, critiques, countering false information and writing reviews that will give product greater impression and outline the benefits and importance of product that will make customers and consumers see the product as highly recommend for them

About the influencer

Johnston omwamba

Johnston omwamba

20K Reach

I'm omwamba Johnston a digital marketer, social media manager and Influencer. I have good experience of 2 years in digital marketing, Influencing, social media content creation, marketing campaigns and social media management. I can make a company/organization/brands profitable with my work by building a great awareness and positive impressions about their services and goods they offer thereby increasing sales.I have confidence in my work. I am a hardworking, honest, accountable and responsible person. with the level of experience and dedication to work I believe I will provide competent service at any given amount. My goals are to provide a quality and satisfying services in a short time. I look forward to work with intellifluence and hope to meet the expectations of brands. 


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