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I will post a full feature/product review on my blog

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If you're looking to get your brand a permanent place online to expand your media presence, I can write a full-length post and publish it on my very own domain website. My blog is mainly about lifestyle, beauty, and fashion but I can definitely find you an avenue to relate your brand/products/services to these categories. I can write an engaging post, complete with photos (and videos when necessary) and share it on my social media sites.

About the influencer

Andrea Centeno

Andrea Centeno

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I'm a beauty, fashion, and life style blogger since 2011. My blog mostly focuses on K-Beauty, K-Pop and Asian Beauty & Fashion culture. I talk about the latest beauty trends, most specifically Asian/K-Beauty trends, post fashion coordinates which I styled myself, as well as tidbits about my personal life (work, lifestyle, entertainment). 

My blog is a place where I can freely express my honest thoughts on pretty much everything under the sun! The goal is for me to share all the things I love online especially to those who read and follow my blog.


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