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I will Post and reshare your products

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I'll add your custom link to my Instagram bio for at least 1 week.
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About this offer

I will post entertaining videos, advertise and reshare me wearing or using your product with some of my music behind to enhance :)

About the influencer

Jamil Johnson

Jamil Johnson

9K Reach

Juke The Movement, named Jamil Mateen Johnson by his parents is an aspiring Hip-Hop artist from West Palm Beach Florida on the come up. Though he was born in Atlanta he didnt spend much time there due to moving to Virginia at the age of 2 and a few years after relocating to West Palm Beach. Growing up in an environment similiar  to your typical rap story it is well known that he wasn't entirely fascinated with the lifestyle early in his life he tried his best to avoid it. Little did he know he would find it impossible and even find himself gravitating towards those same lifestyles. The circumstances that caused pain and stress would be the same things to fuel his success. Eventually as time plays its role and he began to age, the crowd he kept around him slowly started to change and it was easily recognizable in his music. Using his hardships and the unbearable circumstances of those surrounding him as fuel he is destined to become one of the greats. His determination is unmatched and is now surrounding himself with various other talents that will help him progress and put the city on the map. A Devout lover in Curry Chicken, High-Grade Marijuana,intelligent women and knowledge, much of his spare time goes to reading anything that can help broaden the horizon and sharpen his skillset. Juke is a genius trapped in a reality accompanied by intellectuals,drug dealers, and killers. 

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