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I will Share with my followers on Twitter and Instagram

1 Social Share on Twitter

Account #1 (13 Reach)

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Instagram likes and comments on product
+ $15
I’ll comment and share with my followers on Instagram in my story and posts
+ $25
I'll Retweet on Twitter up to 3 different times.
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Retweets likes comments you name it to get you’re product seen by many I’m all about new products of all age ranges and I enjoy seeing new company’s arriving and branching out and growing as a business let me be one of the people who helps get you’re item to grow!

About the influencer

Nathaniel Rogers

Nathaniel Rogers

205 Reach

Hello My name is Nathaniel But on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok I go my gamer tag HowTragicM8 I stream games and make content for wonderful people with the same interests to enjoy I’m here to make content for people and to grow as a content creator for the people and to be someone for others to look up too and to Grow with me!


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