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I will create a song mainly focusing on your brand and promote it as well

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About this offer

I will make a unique and 100% original song of your product and promote it and my social websites. In addition I will also make a short video giving a review on your brand.

About the influencer

Samuel Cuna

Samuel Cuna

7K Reach

I go by the name of Samuel Fernando Cuna,also known as Samstar99 and I am a hip hop artist and producer.I am deeply in love with music and visual arts.I love taking pictures,not only capturing myself but capturing anything that looks amazing.I also love going out and being social.I am a chilled and fun guy to be around with.I am also a huge fan of fashion.I am always in the hunt to get the most nicest shoes,shirt or any clothing that looks amazing.I even aspire to create my own fashion line.I am just in love with most forms of art basically. 


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