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I will video review for you!

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About this offer

Hi! I'm Tara and a double-Gemini so that means I love to talk, I'm curious, and like to collect information. As an influencer, I specialize in cosmetics, anything baby or kids, science and sustainability (I have an MS IN bio and a BS in kinesiology). I can sprinkle in a dash of humor and a splash of wit for those more laid-back campaigns. Intelligence should never be boring so I provide high-quality content that engaging, yet informative. I'm passionate about making an impact for your brand and I will sell it with my brilliant ideas, vibrancy, and my ability to cater to pretty much any audience. I'm an out of the box person.

About the influencer

Tara LaMonte

Tara LaMonte

312 Reach

JD candidate, MS in bio, BS in Kinesiology.

I'm a true advocate and everyone who knows me would say that I am loyal to a fault.  I go to bat, as they say, for all of my friends and family.  Prior to law school I worked for a national nonprofit that specializes in nontraffic injuries and fatalities.  Did you know NHTSA doesn't track those accidents?  I collected available data, cleaned it, and analyzed it.  My last project was sent to Congress and was passed as a bill in the "Build Back Better" bill.  Now, I volunteer for the same organization (I told you I'm loyal) and work on data entry and keeping my data as clean as possible so the Director doesn't have to do as much work!  

My latest advocacy efforts are focused on educating cat parents about Bobcat Fever, a disease I knew nothing about until it unexpectedly and swiftly killed my sweet kitty, Dice.  Bobcat Fever is transmitted through a tick bite.  It is usually a Lonestar tick, but it can also be spread by dog ticks (rarer than Lonestar bites). 

The cat is instantly infected, as this is a protist, not a bacteria,  like Lyme disease.  I immediately wrote a press release and plan on educating ad many people as I can.  No one I know with a cat ever heard of Bobcat Fever. If you Google Bobcat Fever, you will probably see his picture and perhaps the media interview I did after his death on June 12, 2023.  #DICEVOCATE is his hashtag.   

Education, writing, and acting like the Gemini I am by communicating EVERYTHING is how I spend a typical day.  I am also a mom of 5.  I Live on 10 acres in an Italian villa estate. I grew up in Washington, DC, so it's fun to be that city girl meets country!  I have it down on some of the differences but will still run if a wasp is after me.  Did you know they can memorize faces? 

Makeup is my therapy and like I said before, I Iove educating others and entertaining friends and family, Italian style of course.  Also, reading and gardening are my relaxation.  I'm a scholar for life and also love plants and trees and soil and nature in general.  

I love posting on social media after taking a break during my first year of law school.  I'm back at it and ready to get all my channels rocking and rolling.  I'm posting daily now on Insta (_your_girl_tara)/Twitter/and the Tok.

Also, I'm working on getting back into editing videos for YouTube.  I have lots of ideas for multiple channels!  

I hope we can work together to advertise your product!!  As you can tell I love to communicate and educate.  


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