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I will share your product or service with my followers to increase traffic.

1 Social Review on Twitter

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I'll share the Tweet post to my non-Twitter accounts.
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With my positive image on social media, I can guarantee that your services or product will be set in a good light. I am versed with social media marketing and will employ these strategies to aid in exposing your work, which in turn will generate more traffic and potential clients.

About the influencer

Joshua Berard

Joshua Berard

2K Reach

Looking for the PERFECT influencer? Have no fear, for Yesh is here. I am 26 y.o Twitch streamer for Aero Revolution, I make great video gaming content. I also VLOG and produce IRL streams.

I am always looking to forward my career and influence by working with relatable brands that make an impact. My passions include coffee, apparel and accessories, video games and apps, as well as networking websites and apps. So, if I sound like a good fit for your brand, send me a message now, and let's get to work!

Business email: [link-omitted]


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