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I will Provide advertisement/demonstration of products

1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

Hello my name is Garrett Mingilino,
Located in Chicago, Illinois.
I am the owner of The Blood-Spider.
I Create functional Web-Shooters, and Web-Fluid, as well as Write, Produce, and direct short films.

As a recently monetized YouTube channel, I’m looking to expand my horizons, and I am willing to provide solutions to your marketing, and promotional needs. To learn more or set up an
appointment, please email me at:

About the influencer

The Blood-Spider .

The Blood-Spider .

9K Reach

My names Garrett Mingilino - AKA The Blood-Spider -

I’m an inventor and content creator from Illinois.

So far my custom web-fluid formula is the standard in the community and has been featured by "The Human-Spider" & "The [link-omitted]ing"

While I do prefer to keep my  formulas to myself and my Patreons, in a laymen’s explanation it is an acrylic based polymer resin, strengthened by surfactants, emulsifiers, and plasticizers.

Combined with a specific propellent under pressure, and in liquid form dissolutes the polymer, and the 2 become one “Web-Fluid”

Upon pressure being released, the propellent evaporates instantaneously and the “web-fluid” re-polymerizes upon contact with oxygen, and the polymer chains are then allowed to form. (based on nozzle diameter.)

After some 3d printing, cartridge design, and valve research, a functional Web-Shooter is born. 

I also host demonstration videos and a podcast on my YouTube channel.


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