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I will share your brand and promote products

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Account #1 (99 Reach)

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+ $50
I'll share the Instagram post with all my email subscribers.
Continue testing additional week
+ $50
I will test for another week. And show progress every day still.
Make review unique and personal
+ $30
For a amped up review of your product I will personalize it and make it more lively. Make a longer review.
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About this offer

I will share your brand to social networks and promote your products within groups im in. Base pay will include a weeks worth of using the product and giving feedback every day for the week. Will show a picture of before trying the product and end of the week will show what effect one week of using had.

interested in longer then a week participation thats okay we can add time to the promotion

About the influencer

Tashia Anderson

Tashia Anderson

99 Reach

I'm your basic mom, 2 kids teenage girl and rowdy toddler boy. I love them with every thing I have. I am lucky enough for the love of my life Tavis to help navigate life. Tattoos are the way of showing my personality and feeling, I have alot and more to add.  stay at home mom, but kids will be going back to school in August, then I'll be a free bird and go back to work. Just passing through, live your life how you want to!  I [link-omitted] crazy fast, im in tha stage now. I always think staying at home is the life for me, but quickly reminded the reasons I always go back and find work agian 


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