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I will post an honest and detailed review of the offered product/bundle

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About this offer

I give honest and detailed reviews of the products sent to me with quality photos included. I like add some brand information in the post so my followers can get to know you better. I can also direct them on where they can purchase the items in my review. Please note that Intellifluence is only allowing 4x3 pictures for our examples and mine are all framed as 1x1 so they are poorly cropped here but that will not be the case for my actual posts. Please view my Instagram @curlycattails for better examples of my content, pictures, and reviews.

About the influencer

Hallie Potter

Hallie Potter

7K Reach

I love cats, saving money and finding deals, and cats! I am interested in trying lots of different products, from electronics, household goods, anything that belongs in a kitchen, food, pet products, garden and outdoor products, fishing items, skin care, beauty, and more! I am not big on make-up except for lip balm, so by skin care and beauty I mean body wash, soaps, face wash, shampoos, conditioners, lotion, oils, scar reducers, and more. I always thoroughly try products and provide thoughtful reviews. I am always honest, so I will tell it like it is! 


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