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I will design brand contents for the advert

1 Social Engagement on Facebook

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In-depth engagement
+ $15
An in-depth Facebook comment will exceed 100 words.
Repeat Engagement
+ $20
I'll reply to my Facebook comment thread mentions for 2 days.
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About this offer

I will design an animation and graphical content which will carry everything the brand has to offer with detailed animation in order to captivate the audience and viewers

About the influencer

Jonathan John Agwom

Jonathan John Agwom

19 Reach

I am an introvert who loves to design animate and edit any sort of graphical images and characters. I love my Job and believe I can help my clients to reach their desired audience. If given the chance, I could go extra miles to achieve my goals as I would try to reach as many audience as possible and I will try my best to gain their interest with a very classic and understandable graphics design or animation.


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