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I will post a great review

1 Social Review on Facebook

Account #1 (717 Reach)

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About this offer

Ill post a creative review that will shock you i can make a real one or if you want to have it scripted based on your taste. i'm also up for it and will do another using my other accounts for free

About the influencer

Ferdinand Malapit

Ferdinand Malapit

8K Reach

An epistemophile, Real Estate marketing and selling, Graphic Design both online and Prints, Branding and Intellectual Property Rights, and Different kind of Marketing both online ans door to door. I am open and willing to learn new marketing techniques and promise to adopt what ever is the goal of any plan. 

I always work out of passion and integrity with high standard output.

Transparent feedback and timely

I always use AIDA on every marketing plan ive created to limit errors and save precious time.


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