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I will create a blog post review of your brand or product

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About this offer

I will undertake SEO research and craft a blog post with a minimum of 600 words. This will include up to 2 links to your site, plus 2 authoritative links and 2 internal links.
I will use your images or free stock images to complete the look and feel of the post.

About the influencer

Kristie Prada

Kristie Prada

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Mammaprada features: travel and lifestyle topics. Our main audience are parents and those wishing to travel more and educate themselves. We have a heavy focus on Italy; its food, culture and lifestyle.

As many of our readers are parents they are also interested to see information on parenting, education, languages and Montessori or Forest School. 

They prefer quality items and have a mid-range income to enable them to spend money on wonderful experiences, educational toys for their children or great items to update their homes. 


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