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I will make videos to sponsor different kinds of products

1 Social Review on TikTok

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I'll share the TikTok post to my non-TikTok accounts.
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About this offer

I can help brands maximize their social media sponsorship by providing a unique and personalized approach. Firstly, I would start by conducting a thorough analysis of the brand's target audience and their interests. By understanding what drives engagement with the target audience, I can develop a strategy that will capture their attention and make them want to engage with the brand's content.

I would work with the brand to create engaging and authentic content that speaks to their audience. This might include social media posts, videos, tiktoks and more. By creating content that is both relevant and interesting to the target audience, we can increase engagement and build a loyal following.
As a cosplayer, I can reach a large amount of people interested in cosplay, anime, makeup, merchandise, videogames and books and I think this is good for all kind of brands.

Another way that I can help brands with their social media sponsorship is by identifying key influencers within their target audience. By working with these influencers, we can reach a wider audience and build even more engagement. This might involve collaborating with influencers on sponsored posts or campaigns, or simply engaging with them to build relationships and increase
brand awareness.

Finally, I believe that I can be a valuable asset to any brand looking to increase their social media sponsorship. By taking a personalized and strategic approach, I can help brands stand out on social media, engage their audience, and achieve their marketing goals. Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to working with you.

About the influencer

Aiko loli

Aiko loli

2K Reach

hello everyone (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠ 
I am an italian cosplayer and wanna-be artist, if you want to support me I'm looking forward to make new content!
I am reviewing all sorts of products on Tiktok and Instagram, and specifically my audience appreciates: cosmetics, accessories, makeup, clothing, anime merchandise, videogames and books. I can make videos or share pictures to help the brands who want to cooperate with me and I also can share on support groups for cosplayers and more!
Contact me for more information <3


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