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I will do a 5 minute review on any product.

1 Social Engagement on YouTube

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I'll share the YouTube post with all my email subscribers.
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About this offer

I am equipped to handle most anything you throw at me -almost literally everything.
I do so by incorporating a forward and assertive (but kind and friendly) demeanor, as well!

About the influencer

Madelyn bouchard

Madelyn bouchard

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Hey there everyone!

  I'm Madelyn - I reside in New York State and have started becoming bored with my everyday routine. So I have decided to begin my newest venture and dip my feet into the influencer and media pool, recently!

First thing is first- I have a serious passion for writing, and more-so writing for products that people can benefit from and enjoy.

In addition to this, I am always in persistent pursuit of finding new ways to style my makeup (and my life-style!)

If I am able to deliver a well-written and accurate review of a product that I find is deserving of such, then I will have successfully done my job -and I do it well, if I don't say so myself!

-I understand that the somewhat empty profile here may be of a concern for you.

In this field, experience in a candidate can seem like an absolute "must-have" attribute when providing your clients or customers with the solid, honest information they can trust (after all, you did build this brand and you and your company are well deserving of such quality feedback)

Please, I assure you that you have nothing to be concerned about if you're considering me as your tester.

Unfortunately, I don't have any experience on this specific platform, but I am eager to venture to new heights to achieve any goal or task that I may be assigned or asked to tackle.

I do hope that this doesn't cost much hindrance in your overall decision for choosinge as a potential reviewer, and I apologize for not attaining a more in depth portfolio, prior to using the Influencer Platform.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Kindest Regards,


Thanks for stopping by!


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