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I will Be a nugget of information to your potential customers.

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Want to be part of that life. Changing the face of brand and products by making sure people embrace them.
Synopsis says I am old but never age. My friends wonder why I am always online and yet label me as an introvert. I have a knack for social networking and marketing.

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Job Ngugi

Job Ngugi

14K Reach

My name is Job Ngugi currently unemployed but full of life and optimistic the future is bright. Midlife brings about that juggernaut force to explore the world. A Challenge to become an expert in many areas you thought were unachievable. If not traveling social media is bae|fluid like the sea | Influencer is the key - DM for business and promos

I want to strive and make a great deal for you guys, forge a formidable following that can help us find the most important things in our life and environment thet can mold a better life and benefit for all


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