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I am willing to post on my Instagram about product reviews. I have 2700 followers on twitter. My twitter tells about lifestyle, parenting, family, and many more

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Ria Agustinawati

Ria Agustinawati

22K Reach

My name is Ria Agustinawati. I am a housewife and also an entrepreneur. I am a wife and mother of four kids

I started writing on a blog since 2008, starting as a fad because I was tired of working. But blogging has become an interesting activity for me. I was able to get acquainted with many people and Alhamdulillah I also get sustenance from the results of writing a blog. Several times won the giveway and got a job review.
My blog tells about lifestyle, family, parenting, traveling, culinary, and many more

To contact me can send a message to my email [link-omitted]


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