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I want to introduce your product and create an engaging posts for the readers on my Twitter. If you can offer discounts that would be the best and turned them into your clients.

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Elisa Quidlat

Elisa Quidlat

15K Reach

Hello! My name is Elisa. I'm a stay at home mom with one child.

I love Maremma Sheepdog that I named "Magic". Unfortunately, my dog Magic is dead. Something had happened to him when I returned home one evening from work. He cried, dirty and limping towards me, so I reach out and hug him. I saw how he breathe like breathing a balloon of air. A few minutes later, he died in my arms. I realized he was waiting for me before he took his last breath.

I love the Internet, coffee, and music while working online. Since I'm an introvert, I prefer to work with peace in my environment.

I write about general and lifestyle topics such as family, finances, home and personal experiences.

I'm looking forward to working with you soon.


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