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I will post a video on TikTok

1 Social Review on TikTok

Account #1 (115K Reach)

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Amplify on Facebook (30K+ Followers)
+ $30
I will cross-post the material to my Facebook page (30K+ Followers)
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About this offer

Published on my TikTok account:

Caption with 5-10 words
Mandatory hashtags provided by client
Video duration is 1 minute max

About the influencer

Geoffrey Ledesma

Geoffrey Ledesma

129K Reach

Hi, I am Geoff and I'm a lifestyle and food blogger. I have been blogging for over 8 years,  sharing my stories my blog: [link-omitted].

[link-omitted] is the go-to portal of the ultimate millennial. With topics ranging from lifestyle tips, restaurant reviews, visual diaries, and more, we empower our readers by providing them with useful and relevant content. The site targets the young professional and millennial markets, and serves as a reliable reference for topics around food, travel, entertainment, tech, and lifestyle.


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