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Nikki Alva

Nikki Alva

72K Reach

I love helping others about music, fashion, beauty, style, and all of the above! You can find my music on all digital platforms as Nikki Alva! Follow me on all social media as Nikki Alva! 
BELOW IS MY FULL BIO ON [link-omitted] ….
There has been many people throughout history whose name when mentioned, people immediately know the impact that person had on the world. At some point in the future this could hold true for recording artist, Nikki Alva. As a bilingual artist she performs many American pop songs and will one day be recognized for her own pop music but it is Salsa that Nikki wishes to make her mark on the world with. During a family trip to Puerto Rico they all went to a Salsa festival. While attending the festival, Nikki noticed that there were only older people performing Salsa. When Nikki questioned that, her dad told her there were only a few women left singing Salsa and no young people. Salsa is dying. This has a huge impact on Nikki, and now she is determined not to let a great genre of music die like, Salsa. With great excitement, Nikki is now working on a project that is very important to her. Nikki currently has a two songs in Salsa… called Como Se Cura Una Herida by Jaci Velasquez and "You Dance So Good" by Roger Hills with Latin Grammy winning producer Oscar Ivan Lozano "OiLO". And now she is currently releasing a new salsa song written by Nikki herself, with Latin Grammy Award winning producer, Diego Galé. Nikki is proud to be Latin American and that its not necessary to belong only to one genre of music, but any genre you want. She is dreaming to breath new life into Latin Music and American Music and is currently waiting to release her new American pop songs as well, written by her herself. Nikki is a versatile artist with great ambition to not let Salsa die.
Nikki has been on a great journey for the past 16 years sharpening her skills to become such a unique, and versatile artist. Nikki was born on January 2, 2002 in New York. She was the second daughter of her Colombian parents Yamileth and Jay; Nikki also has an older sister named Cathalina. When she was two, her family packed up and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. With Nikki's dad being a musician himself, it would seem that his musical influence rubbed off on Nikki at a very early age. It has been told, that when Nikki took her first steps, she was wearing headphones and holding a mic. It wasn't until the age of nine that her music career was to begin. She made her first stage appearance at the Nashville Palace. Since this beginning she has performed in several states in the southeast part of the country. Some of these states are Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. She has also performed with her dad's band, Jay Franco y su Orchestra. This was at a Hispanic Heritage festival in Birmingham Alabama. She has been gaining great experience and has become very humble after.
Being versatile in music is a great advantage, and Nikki is just that. She is not only versatile in the genres she sings, but also the instruments in which she plays. Nikki currently plays five instruments. Piano is her main instrument, but she also plays ukulele, guitar, violin and is learning the timbales. However the piano is the instrument that she gravitates to when performing and she is rarely seen without a keyboard in hand. Her ambition to become a great artist and musician is clearly seen through her musical talents on the piano. With very little training her skills on the piano has grown tremendously and can play most anything. It is hard work and dedication that her artistry has grown to this level. Nikki also performs in her churches and sings gospel and also has always participated in school activities, such as choir and an advanced choir after school. This has all happened in just the past four years, imagine the greatness she will bring the music world in four more years. Also, Nikki at a young age has always been involved in the Arts such as Musical Theatre and also in Ballet, Jazz, Hip - Hop, Modern & Tap representing her Academy (Concordia Arts Academy) in Nashville, TN.
Nikki is currently working on some original songs. She started writing about a year ago and plans to have her first album soon. People will get to see soon her writing creativity.
Nikki is not only a versatile artist, but an award winning artist as well. In 2012, she won Most Promising Vocalist of the Year from the Georgia and Tennessee Country and Gospel Music Association. The ceremony was held at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Nikki then went on to the Nationals in March 2013 at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee where she won, 2013 Future Star Award of the Year. On December 28, 2013 she attended the Georgia and Tennessee Music Awards show at the Tivoli Theater where Nikki was awarded the, 2013 Entertainer of the Year. She has also won the Outstanding Musician Award of the year in 2016 from her school.
Nikki's accomplishments and credits continue to grow daily. Sometimes it is not always winning that grows a great artist, but the experiences along the way. One of these great experiences for Nikki is being part of a TV show called La Banda. This was a Universal Latin American TV show singing competition which aired on Univision. The judges on the show were Laura Pausini, Wisin, and Mario Domm. This competition is where musicians and singers from the U.S. and Latin America competed for a spot on a new band. It was a great opportunity for Nikki showing off her talents by auditioning to go on the show in New York. 14,000 people auditioned to be on the TV show in Miami Florida, and only 100 were selected to go to Miami. She passed her audition with all three judges saying yes, but when she got to the middle rounds she unfortunately didn't make it through. Nikki was happy to have had the opportunity to show what she loves to do and meet other musicians who have the same passion as her. The exposure on the show however was tremendous.
So far, Nikki has had a wonderful journey in music. Nikki is so versatile in everything she does in music, that no one can deny what she has already accomplished, and the accomplishments yet to come, are and will be great.

Nikki is living to leave a mark


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