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I will Comment, Like and Share

1 Social Engagement on Twitter

Account #1 (259 Reach)

Add-on Services

In-depth engagement
+ $15
An in-depth Twitter comment will exceed 2 tweets (threaded).
Repeat Engagement
+ $20
I'll reply to my Twitter comment thread mentions for 2 days.
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About this offer

I have 1700 follower on my twitter account. I will comment naturally, like and share your twit or thread.
I will do the same for the twit for two days. also I will include it to popular hashtag in my country

About the influencer

Indah Purnama

Indah Purnama

480 Reach

Hi, I'm a mother who work from home. I have an online store so I usually active in the morning until noon. Before went to bed I spend my time with my kids. 

I have a blog too, it contains articles about beauty, family, parenting, product and service review also business.

I love to share my experiences as an online seller. Start with how to be a productive mom at home. And sometimes I share my own journey when I was in food and beverages business.

Everytime I share my daily life on my Instagram. People always try to get in touch with me. They also share their own struggle of being a mom and as well be a boss for the business.

But, it's great to be a mother, wife and also a businesswoman. So, if you have a product, service, brand or when you need to build a branding. You could contact me.

I'll help you as well as I can. I'll write a review about your brand. I'll share it on my social media. And also I'll share it on my whatsapp story. So, people would be aware of your brand.

You could contact me here.


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