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Offer Details

I will Engage on social media posts and support your brands online presence

1 Social Engagement on TikTok

Account #1 (3K Reach)

Add-on Services

5 High Quality Photos for Social Media
+ $75
On top of the Tik Tok, I can also create 5 High Quality, Eye catching photos of your product or brand. Lifestyle with model or lifestyle product only
Repeat Engagement
+ $20
I'll reply to my TikTok comment thread mentions for 2 days.
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About this offer

I will utilize Tik Tok to either comment, like, save or repost your brands content. My engagement rate is high and my audience trusts our opinions!

About the influencer

Oriane Gufroy-Beaulieu

Oriane Gufroy-Beaulieu

5K Reach

Hi! I'm Oriane, a French native currently traveling the US in a converted van. I am a professional photographer and have worked with brands to create inspiring content to grab their audience. My focus is on lifestyle product photography, landscapes and events, but I have experience in all fields! My wife and I rebuilt a Ford van and are currently traveling to the coolest landmarks in North America, allowing me to use National parks and cities as backdrops for my photos and content. My wife and I are a great tag team, she curates engaging blog posts, well placed social media captions and is a great second model. Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and Van life community has allowed us to gain an audience in multiple niches.


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