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Linked In is The only source of Professional People.
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Muhammad Dawood

Muhammad Dawood

3K Reach

Founder CEO IntelliSnc, CPST and Co Founder Futech Studio and Vorolay and many more Initial Stage project is going thought.
I'm a POST Graduate From TGU Beijing China in Field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. I made my Appearance in different conferences and Journal and also an editor of EDUA journal. I Worked with Different Companies and made them from 0 to best, he designed different curriculums and courses for different Edtech Companies in Lahore and overseas. I worked with servals companies of UK like Excoms, VPhones, and some of the ethical hacking studios which was being Appreciated by their officials.  

I have 13 years of Hands on Experience in Different R&D Programming field, which includes 10 years of teaching experience in different fields of programming which also include 7 years of industrial experience, and 1 year of my major Experience in Scientific Research Lab California.  My Major Work in Python has been appreciated By UK, and USA companies, and when comes to Trainings, which always being appreciated in Overseas. When comes to Marketing I know some pity bad tricks to make your brand up in days and How to make you Grow from 0 to 100

What i have done so far with my experience with companies
Saved them From Ethical Hacking, Solved there Problem of any virus they have faced and much more.
I know,
1- How to Promote Your Brand Over Social Media with Minimum to 0 Budget.
2- How Facebook and Other Social Media Platform Works on your ad Budget.
3- How to Promote Your Brand Appearance internationally

Through years of Experience in Everything, i'm still learning new things as well.

Awards, I got few and appreciation from Many Companies as a guest speaking, motivational speaking.

I have Created a JUMP startUp for Young Gen to make there Lives Good Besides they looked for a job i will help them to start there Business.
I Gave Them IntelliSnc
You are not going to JOB with us, You'll Do #Business with us

Why IntelliSnc?
Intellisnc, is a service Provider to cooperate sector.
You Want to Save Your Time #HardInvestments
choose Us
As We Have
1 #teamofprofessionals
2 #oneofthebestteam
3 #timesaver
4 #Deliverbeforetime
and Much more
One of the Major Part of #intellisnc & #FutechStudio is we Provide #Professional Trainings To #jobfinder to start there own #business
For More Details Google Us





google #hiring #recruitment #recruiting #jobsearch #recruiting #jobs #recruitment #careers #job #recruiter #jobseekers #hr #recruiters


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