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I will create an ad of-and post your brand on my facebook profile

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About this offer

I can deliver professional photos of your brand and share your brand (sunglasses also possible) on my Facebook page which contains 16k followers, from, Surinam, The Netherlands, USA, and the islands in the Caribbean.
You can just send me the product and I will do the rest.

Conclusion: for the offered price you get a professional photoshoot and a post for your product with the optional re-shares

About the influencer

Rumi Knoppel

Rumi Knoppel

819 Reach

Rumi is born in Suriname, South- America. The language is Dutch and all my activities are in Dutch but I speak and write fluent English. I have been a life coach for some 17 years now. 

Coaching youth
I started with approaching teenagers hanging on corners in order to share free life lessons with them so they could see that they had so much to offer in life. Eventually this expanded into life coaching for which I offered my services to different companies, organizations and individuals. Additionally I have a blog in which I write about different topics variating from spiritualty to social and political issues. Many of my articles regarding the social and political issues have been published by different media outlets and I have given many interviews on various topics.

Ted Talk
I have given a Ted Talk presentation and I am also an author of two books one regarding spirituality called " an interpretation of communication" and the other regarding politics called "Tax... legalized extortion? 

Talk shows
In 2014 I started my own radio talk show [link-omitted] in which I invited Congressmen to talk about the universal principles such as freedom, integrity, independence and equality and how these principles fit into their policies, and if these policies really did benefit the people. [link-omitted]has been a television show now since 2016, and I currently expanded to my own Tv channel named Buzz TV. 

This relatively new podcast in Dutch (with English subtitles) has had an upgrade. One of my first guests was the now [link-omitted]. Now every video has English subtitles. In this podcast it is possible to advertise your brand wit your logo or an in-between advertisement video. 

I now also have a spiritual television show called Spiritual Vibez

The mission is to influence a positive transformation regarding the way we treat each other. My hobbies are mixed martial arts (I do have to pick that up again), watching good movies (I always love a great story), fitness, retreating in nature, and I love to travel.

I currently have a bit more than 16k followers on Facebook, and an important part of these followers are from the Caribbean islands, The Netherlands, and some are in the US.


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