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I will Do reaction, unboxing any product

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Account #1 (4K Reach)

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I'll share the TikTok post with all of my email subscribers.
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I'll add your custom link to my TikTok bio for at least 1 week.
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About this offer

Because I have an experience in video editing, product promotion and also active as a new youtuber. In addition, I'm also in the process on learning something related to this, so if I were given the chance to work with you I would be more than grateful and might as well try my best to promote.

About the influencer

Syazwan Nawan

Syazwan Nawan

5K Reach

Im simple guy with new style love pc, android phone software camera. I am old very super old guy but not getting married yet. New life try to go out there to find and gathering more information vlogging channel including youtube entertiment, learning smart editing skills and love a lots games 

My youtube description about my content :

I love to create stuff, and share it to the world. Riding my Yzr & makeup my car to inspire people in the way that u dont have to waste lot of your money to make your car nice. Learn setup diy in easy way and trust yourself by believe that you can make it. Thanks for all my supporters.











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