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I will showcase product in a way that makes others need to get it instantly

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I love to showcase the best of any product. I show off mouth watering food, products, etc that make people want to go and get it or make whatever I am having.

About the influencer

Olivia Ngai

Olivia Ngai

43K Reach

New York City Based, Long Island Raised mid 20's girl who loves everything and anything food based. Carbs and cheese are my two love languages. I love to discover new restaurants, find hidden gems and create recipes in the kitchen. I believe food brings people together and that (besides actually eating it) is the best thing. 

I love to go for long walks aimlessly around New York City, constantly exploring the place I live in. I love to go out and find the best espresso martini in the neighborhood just as much as I love to stay in and perfect my Sunday Sauce. I am a relatable girl in NYC who genuinely wants to share all the good NYC has to offer.


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