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I will system design conceptual services

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About this offer

1. Preliminary Consultation: First of all, conceptual service for system design will start with initial consultation. At this stage, you will meet with your client to discuss their business objectives, technical needs and problems to be solved.
2. Needs Analysis: After the initial consultation, the next step is to conduct a needs analysis. At this stage, you will evaluate your client's business needs and list the features and functionality required to meet their needs.
3. Conceptual Design: Once you have a good understanding of your client's needs, the next step is to create a conceptual design. At this stage, you will design a system architecture diagram, identify the main components, and define how the interactions between the components.
4. Prototyping and Testing: Once the conceptual design is complete, you will prototype the system and perform tests to ensure that the system performs as required. At this stage, you will also perform security testing to ensure the system is safe from security threats.
5. Implementation: After the system has been successfully tested, the next step is to implement the system. At this stage, you will install the system in a production environment and perform final testing before the system is released.
6. Maintenance and Support: Once the system is launched, you will provide support and maintenance to ensure the system remains running well. This includes system performance monitoring, bug fixes, and security updates.

About the influencer

puguh yudho

puguh yudho

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I am an expert in the field of complex mid-level decision-making, and the conceptual design of information systems according to the needs of the required information data with a small level of data corruption. and mid-system monitoring and evaluation management refers to data security and expert system AI models. as well as system design using the system method using the stages of the waterfall model system, prototype, spiral, and simple, medium and complex system feasibility tests. the use of AI to analyze information data in the form of images, to find out the system improvements being made. as well as direct observation analysis of the information data environment to generate problem solving and support program policies and information data rules used.


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