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I will Give reviews on any product and social commentary

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About this offer

If you would like a salesman, opinion holder, theorist, model, or actor to help move your service and/or product I am happy to help and am quite active on Facebook, it's a playground for all of us and I like to run around in there.

About the influencer

Josh Sheets

Josh Sheets

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Actor, RPG Fantasy ghostwriting, traveler & hiker, jazz & film fanatic, lover of coffee cigarettes beer and hot wings, patriot with liberal leanings, scifi and expolitical conspiracy nerd, fashion and mustaches. Appreciater of random photography and stolen moments with abstract origins, studier of the human condition and social science, trained in print journalism and film, but most of all, actõr.

I'm here in Atlanta chasing auditions and researching day trading in cryptocurrency, market analysis of politics and business meeting points, social science at street level and the effects of social standings on the individual, which means I do a lot of footwork and have an affinity for new boots and nice shoes. Always have an eye for fashion and design I've always said, and so I do, which stems from my love of costumes for stage and film. It all goes back to acting and movies for me, it's where I'm happest and most peaceful, that little projector sound and images on the white screen, yeah that's my head. I'm VERY active on Facebook, come what may and supply users with a variety of posts and ads from hiking boots to base jumping and a dialed up relegation of space exploration related platforms to provide users with as much information as I can think of to engage their imaginations on the matter, that along with my love of documentaries and exo-politics, fame, technology and humorous kitty memes. Lover of history and reinactments across the board, weaponry and martial arts with all historical significance considered. Walk fast, work fast, get things done.


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