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I will Write reviews on your products and services

1 Social Review on Twitter

Account #1 (7K Reach)

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I'll share the Tweet post to my non-Twitter accounts.
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About this offer

Write review on my Twitter account and make sure it reaches the target audience of the market, good reviews are the ones that grow company individually and it helps the company to do more for the targeted audience of the market

About the influencer

Collen Magane

Collen Magane

8K Reach

Just an easy guy with loyalty, honesty. I only promote on my very personal twitter account which sits on R7k followers with 70k tweet impressions over 20K profile visit within a 28 days, my aim to promote product and services making sure that it reaches it targets in the market and again making sure that I would give best reviews on product and service because reviews are important as they drive market sales of products and services 


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