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I will do Content distribution

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with this particular offer the brand that is interested in a collaboration with myself, will send me content or a social media post to distribute on my social media platform. (no physical product would have to be sent just the products information and products image or video)

About the influencer

Shennetha Bryan

Shennetha Bryan

11K Reach

Plus size lifestyle content creator from the Caribbean, creating and sharing a variety of content across my platforms.  I started creating content to promote self love, growth, to share my love for fashion  as well as to document my life as I continue to grow : Spiritually, Physically & Mentally. I celebrate body positivity, & aim to inspire other women how to embrace your curves & love every inch of yourself.

 I'm the right influencer for your brand if your looking for some that has a very diverse following in demographci / age .  I post {content } topics from: Affordable Finds- Faith - Fashion Hauls - My Fitness Journey - Vlogs, relationships talks & more. 


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