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This is offer is for Facebook Posting which includes posting of the brand's products / services photos (max. of 10) and a caption or text.

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Ron Ryan Buguis

Ron Ryan Buguis

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An account manager and financial advisor by profession and is starting to build my blog and vlog.

I started working for The Manila Times in May 2017 after 15 years of working in an advertising agency. I was with Boardroom Watch section team of The Manila Times with Ms. Margie Logarta as our editor. We worked from home then and used Viber to communicate and frequently when I don’t answer immediately, she’ll asked “Where’s RR?” (RR short for Ron Ryan). Then I got the idea of using the hashtag #WheresRR in all my social media posts so she could easily know where I was.

That’s the story of how and why Where’s RR.


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